APL 2013 Season - Bigger and Better!

2013 Player Registration fees:

NONE, zero, nill..... You will not have to pay anything extra other than the tournament entry fees to participate in the 2013 APL series.

We are still working on possibly introducing a player card system but only if hat does not increase the cost of playing paintball too much for the player. If we do introduce player cards we hope to only charge about R 10 per person to issue the card, once-off.

We will keep you updated.

Entry Fees:
- Sweetspot:
- R 1300 per team (Pro and Div 1) 
- R 500 for UP
- Pink Open:
- R 1300 per team (Pro and Div 1)
- R 500 for UP
- Rustenburg:
- R 1300 per team (Pro and Div 1)
- R 500 for UP
- Nova:
- R 1000 per team (Pro and Div 1)
- R 500 for UP
- Africa Cup:
- R 1800 per team (Pro and Div 1) 
- R 750 for UP

2013 Prize Package:

We are working hard to get the biggest prize package possible for you guys and we will announce the 2013 APL Series sponsors soon. What we can tell you is that the prizes this year will be allocated on series winner basis and some for placing at the various events. It is taking a bit longer because a prize package of this side takes a while to negotiate with our awesome sponsors.

Even better, prizes will not only be for 1st to 3rd but further down too, thereby increasing the number of teams that can win great prizes.

With over R 100'00 in prizes in 2010, over R 100'000 in prizes in 2011 and over R 150'000 in prizes in 2012 we have the track record to show that we have the biggest prize packages for any league in South Africa.

If you want to play for prizes, then 2013 APL series is the league to be competing in.

2013 Rule adjustment:

The APL rule set will be the same as the one used in GPPL 2012 but we have made some slight adjustments to the rule set.

Here is what you need to know:
- Team roster sizes for the year has been increased from 9 to 12 players for the Pro division
- We have introduced a June transfer window for the Pro teams. This means Pro players can swop to another Pro team without needing to sit out events
- There has been some clarification about player movement between divisions

These rules will be up on the APL website soon (once we make the rule book look pretty for you guys).

See you on the field!

APL teams up with Social Paintball


We have some exciting news for the 2013 season! 

The APL is proud to announce that it will be teaming up with Social Paintball not only will this bring additional exposure for the rest of the world to see what South African paintball is all about but it will also bring you some awesome merchandise which will soon be available at all our events. 
We very excited about this partnership and can't wait to kick off the 2013 season

 For more info on Social paintball go check out their the following links:

Next APL Event 2013

GPPL 2012 Events





  • 2-3 Mar 2013 - APL - Sweetspot @ BnT
  • 11-12 May 2013 - APL - Pink Open @ BnT
  • 27-28 July 2013 - APL @ Rustenburg
  • 29 Sept 2013 - APL @ Nova
  • 30 Nov/1 Dec - APL - Africa Cup @ BnT

Paintball Fields

GPPL Pro Division Teams : Dynamix - 2012 Pro Series Champions

  • Xplicit
    Team Xplicit
  • Dynamix
    Team Dynamix
  • Reaper
    Team Reaper
  • Lordz
    Team Lordz